Comforts and Conveniences

- To help you stay connected, we offer complimentary WiFi for your convenience.

Fresh Baked Bread – 
We bake delicious loaves of bread during the day for our new patients to take home.  The aroma of fresh bread welcomes you into our office instead of the typical “dental” smell.

Brewing your favorite coffee, tea, and hot chocolate daily.  Enjoy your perfect hug in a cup while you check-in.

Neck Wraps
 – Warm neck wraps can help you relax and calm anxiety while we care for your  smile.

- Turn the TV to your favorite channel and pull it right up to your chair.

Fresh Baked Cookies - 
Otis Spunk Meyer cookies baked throughout the day to treat our patients and to keep the office smelling like grandmas house.

Therapeutic Organic Oils – Using lavender oil is a great way to relax when you come into our dental office. We understand you may be anxious before an appointment, so let us defuse your room during your visit. (Available upon request.)