Mercury-Free Fillings

Mercury-Free Dentistry & Proper Amalgam Removal

Amalgam (silver) fillings are done by 75% of dentists. We strive for the best quality care so we refuse to use them because they will not bond to your tooth. Mercury fillings allow decay to occur between the filling and the tooth itself.  Most materials used in amalgam fillings are made up of Tin, Silver, Mercury, and Nickel.

Since amalgam is a metal, it expands and contracts when it comes in to contact with hot and cold temperatures which can eventually cause microleakage. Microleakage occurs over time when the silver filling pulls away from the tooth structure leaving a space that bacteria can get under and cause decay. If untreated, it may lead to a root canal.

There are at least 116 physical symptoms that have been related to mercury exposure. These fall into many different categories such as psychological disturbances, oral cavity disorders, gastrointestinal effects, and systemic effects. Systemic manifestations are observed under cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, immunological, endocrine, and musculoskeletal categories.  Our office offers composite restorations to remove the metal fillings and replace them with safe materials.

Silver-Filling Replacement

We practice safe removal of existing or damaged amalgam fillings. The EPA tells us that U.S. dental offices are the number one contributor of mercury to our local waste water treatment facilities, and at about 3.7 tons a year! Without an amalgam separator installed, this material is flushed down the drain and ends up polluting our water. Mercury in our drinking, irrigation, and fishing waters is a serious environmental and human-health concern. A potent neuro-toxin, mercury poisoning is devastating to animal species, and is a tragic and debilitating experience for people and families suffering its effects. That’s why we have the most important environmental initiative any dental office can own, an amalgam separator. It safely removes and disposes of the mercury fillings as we care about our patients as well as our environment.

Our amalgam removal protocol is consistent with The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.  For more detailed information on our process, contact us at 608-338-0629 or download the Amalgam_Removal_Protocol.docx.

New Composite Fillings

We treat our patients with the same level of care and respect as we treat our own families. This is one reason we only use the best materials in our office. You can be ensured that all of our Kerr composite (tooth colored fillings) products are BPA free.

Composite fillings have physical properties closer to the tooth structure. Their bonding proprieties reduce decay which allows conservative tooth removal. It restores the tooth rather than “filling” the tooth. With no risk of expansion, there is no future tooth fracturing! Composite fillings are also cosmetically appealing as they match your natural tooth coloring. New clinical results in the fillings we use at Sharkus Hometown Dentistry show no cracks, chips, breaks, wear, or staining after their first year. Just another benefit of practicing mercury-free dentistry!